Welcome to

BU's Astronomy, Mathematics & Physics Society!


Do you like stargazing? Have a passion for recreational mathematics or physics? Want to connect with others that have similar interests?

Look no further than the Astronomy, Mathematics & Physics Society (AMPS) right here at Bishop's University! We are always looking for members to join our group. Despite the club’s name, you do not need to major in math or physics! We welcome anyone interested in meeting others that enjoy astronomy, mathematics and/or physics.

Some of the many activities we have done or are planning on doing include: Using the BU Observatory for night sky viewings, holding math and physics related social events, attending talks and workshops, and maybe even building a rover! Here are some events and projects that are currently underway!

Check out our social media to be up to date with club meetings and events!

See below if you are interested in joining as a member!


The purpose of the club is to encourage its members in their study of astronomy, mathematics and physics. Community and discovery being core values here at Bishop's, this club offers students the opportunity to socialize while gaining astronomy, math and physics related knowledge outside the regular curriculum. We hold events, attend talks, and put our observatory to some good use.

Our constitution is publicly available here.


Jaeden Bardati (he/him)

Physics & Astronomy Representative

Major/Minor: Physics Honours, Math Minor, CS Minor

I research how black holes and galaxies are related in Dr. Ruan's group. I enjoy biking, programming, powerlifting and playing music.

Antoine Dagenais Lalande (he/him)

Mathematics Representative

Major/Minor: Math Major, CS Major

I enjoy a whole lot of things, like music, history, flags, the outdoors, and, of course, space, physics and maths. I cannot wait to share the night sky with all of you!

Numa Karolinski

Graduate Representative

Major/Minor: Physics (Masters)

Photo and description to come . . .

Matthew Sylvester

Member Outreach Representative

Major/Minor: Physics Honours

Photo and description to come . . .

Jerome Sparnaay


Major/Minor: CS Major

Photo and description to come . . .

George Dufresne

Social Media Representative

Major/Minor: Physics Honours

Photo and description to come . . .


Any student of Bishop's University is welcome to join the society! We have bi-weekly meetings to discuss current and future AMPS events and matters of budget. We also make sure to send out emails to all of our members to let them know of any events or projects that are going on.

If you are interested in becoming an AMPeer or would like more information about the club, send us an email at buamps@gmail.com or another way


There are three primary divisions of AMPS: Astronomy, Mathematics and Physics. You can find information about each division or division-related news on their respective web pages.