To join the society or for any general questions or inquiries please email

You can also contact us on any of our social media or a specific AMPS lead, if you prefer.


Member Outreach Representative: Antoine Dagenais Lalande (
Role: Maintains contact with members through email to inform them of upcoming meetings, activities and events.
Contact for information about the club, or joining as a member.

Physics & Astronomy Representative: Jaeden Bardati (
Role: Organizes and oversees the all Physics & Astronomy-related AMPS meetings and events. Signing Authority for AMPS.
Contact for information about astronomy or physics-related events or event/project proposals.

Mathematics Representative: Robert Vanderwee (
Role: Organizes and oversees all Mathematics-related AMPS meetings and events. Signing Authority for AMPS.
Contact for information about mathematics-related events or event/project proposals.

External Affairs Representative: Virginia Rufina Marquez-Pacheco (
Role: Communicates with external bodies and speakers and provides reports on the feasibility and cost of proposed external events.
Contact about external inquiries and opportunities.

Social Media Representative: Matthew Sylvester (
Role: Manages the social media platforms of AMPS and the AMPS brand.
Contact for information about AMPS social media platforms.

Clerk: Sarah-Jane Twigg (
Role: Maintains adequate financial records of AMPS. Prepares and submits an annual budget for AMPS. Signing Authority for AMPS.
Contact for meeting records and budget information.


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